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Friday, June 5th, 2020

From the Desk of Adewuyi Tamilore, The Whatsapp marketing KING!' 

Dear friend,

If there really there was a secret that would unlock for you all the happiness, wealth and success you could ever want in your small business, would you like to know what it is?

If 'yes', then …“I urge you to go and lock the door… switch off your data to eradicate every form of disturbance …grab your favorite beverage and study every single word of this letter-because it’sjust that important!”

"You've Been Lied-To... And Ripped-Off...For The Very Last Time..."

Cross over and take a good look at your DOCUMENT STORAGE!How many courses on becoming a person of great wealth, success and importance are lying there collecting dust?

Did ANY of them work?

Maybe a few.

I have been exactly where you are right now, and there’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, I have every reason to be ashamed to tell my story but because, I want you to learn from me.

My Life Story...

In 2018, I was really broke and I honestly did not see myself getting anything good out of life, I was frustrated!“Why?” you ask.

I got admission into the University to study Religious Studies and a lot of people downplayed the course I was studying which made me feel like I was wasting my life.

I was on a first class funny enough but I really wasn't hopeful. I was hoping I would go into lecturing after school as that was what the best people in our department in the past ventured into but I knew that was not going to give me the freedom I ever envisaged for life.

I was in my second year at this point and I was really asking questions, studying a lot of things and hoping to get the big break but I was actually not really confident.

So I began to read...

I figured that if I still wanted to make something worthwhile out of my life, then I needed to do something different, different from just buying up books and videos and attending seminars.

One Beautiful Sunday Morning However...

I was going to be attending my first ever real business conference, Africa's young entrepreneurs' conference in Lekki, Lagos. It was my first time on the Island. It was mind blowing hearing directly from the mouth of some well made people like Alakija, Don Jazzy e.t.c.


After the conference on 25th, November 2018.Suddenly, I felt a strong urge to really succeed and get started. No ideas! NOTHING! I was on the streets of Lagos checking out beautiful cars I had never seen in my life and most importantly would never get if I eventually become a lecturer which was my dream.

I literally ran down to Ibadan the next morning and started making plans on how I wanted to try out something new.


It's that virtually every single man and woman who has ever achieved any measure of success or made any significant amount of money knew that they had to try out ideas. And when I understood that this was the TRUE KEY to success, I nearly beat myself!!!

You Don't Really Expect to Achieve Success Doing things the way others were doing it!

Do you?

So, I decided to approach business from an entirely different perspective, I decided to start my business using just WHATSAPP.

I mean I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of thousands on expensive success and money making courses, books, Videos, seminars and even software that that purportedly reveal the ‘real’ secrets of success and wealth attraction, money I should have used to enjoy my life, only to find out that the whole material is all about dreaming, affirmation, positive thinking, well you know the familiar stuff.

Are There Really any Secrets to Attracting Success And actually start making money ONLINE?

Quite frankly, there are only 2 ways to become successful and start achieving your goals online.

You can either…

 1. Do it yourself – This is the hard way. You’ll pay for your success with blood, sweat and tears. And it’ll take you scores of years to make it if at all. Actually 95% of people who choose this path never make it. I can assure you, you don't want that.


2. Attract it from others – This is the easy way where you deliberately ‘engineer’ an environment that attracts already successful people from far and near to help you succeed. With this method, you’ll  become everything you want to be in far less time and save yourself much agony. In fact you'll succeed in less than half the time it takes the Average guy to achieve success.

I seriously doubt that there is any success and wealth attraction method that does not fall under any of these 2 categories.

I think it's plain to see that there really are no more ‘secrets’ left.

In fact, there really isn't such a thing as a 'secret'. A ‘secret’ is just something that I know that you don’t.

Here’s Something You may not Know Though...

The REAL reason why your life isn’t the way you really want it is because a critical piece of the success and wealth attraction ‘puzzle’ has been kept from you for so long.

And the odd thing about this ‘missing piece’ of the puzzle is that it’s actually hidden from you in PLAIN SIGHT!


Let me explain.

So, I started out selling shirts using my WhatsApp and i made just about #50,000 Naira in total sales that December because I actually got started at 9pm, 30th November, 2018.

Then, i started thinking of better ways to scale and bring up different strategies and I was able to sell about 1000 shirts in 2019, selling on WhatsApp. I set up a Facebook page and all that stuff but I really didn't use it. 

I also started Affiliate marketing using WhatsApp as my selling platform and I was also into mini-importation as of mid 2019 and I was making lots of money already.

I discovered I had made over $15,000 in sales at the end of 2019. It was mind blowing, do the maths.

I decided to put together all my strategies and see if I was just lucky or there was really a system.

I decided to follow all the strategies for my businesses so far this 2020.


Yours truly has already made over $7,500 from Selling Tie&dye shirts, Nike Slides and doing affiliate marketing, all on WHATSAPP this year alone. Do the Maths.

It’s like watching a magic trick...

If you ‘know’ the secret, it’s pretty obvious how the trick is performed. But if you don’t, it’s just plain mystifying.

WARNING: Don't Even Think About making lots of money from WhatsApp yet, you need to thoroughly understand This ALMIGHTY PRINCIPLE…

Are you ready?…This is a PROFOUND TRUTH…Successful People in the internet business know this and don't really want to reveal it to people who are not serious.

You are serious enough to have read to this point! So, this is it!

"They find someone who has already achieved great success at what they want to achieve to show them the way."

"That's it? That's the "profound truth?" I hear you say.

What? Sounds too simple? I agree…it is simple.

…Yet NOT Understanding and Applying this Principle is The #1 Reason Why Over 80% of Nigerians who want to make money online are Miserable Failures!!!It's sad.

I talk to struggling folks everyday who are banging their heads against the wall trying to figure out why their life just isn't taking off the way they want, wasting time, becoming depressed and wanting to quit it all…

They blame their problems on;

      ==>The Government – WRONG!

No government can ever help you… if you are not ready to help yourself using proven strategies for success that DO work,...strategies like the one and only but often ignored success technique that works every single time without fail.      

   ==>Other People –WRONG!

It wouldn't matter if you were able to miraculously get the undivided attention of every single human being in the entire world for 30-minutes. They cannot help you succeed…if you don't have the 'Get up and go' attitude. It's just that simple.

  ==>Not Taking Advice from the Right "Guru" - WRONG

Even if the World's Greatest Success Guru could transplant his brain into your skull…you still wouldn't be able to succeed… if you are not ready to help yourself using the one and only but often ignored success technique that works every single time without fail!

Okay. I'll Oblige You and Tell You A Little Bit What this whole WHATSAPP MASTERMIND OFFER is all about.

Imagine… immediately you begin to use this ‘secret technique’, you will;

  • Eliminate all the frustrations you’ve ever felt in your journey towards making money. (You affix the ‘missing piece’ of the puzzle of running a business on WHATSAPP.
  •  Turn the tide of failure away from yourself and have it streaming down another path. (When you know this ‘secret’ lack of money in your life will come to an end because you will learn what works, what doesn’t and how to differentiate one from the other.) 
  •  Easily become a millionaire using the 'Round-About' technique.  (If you know what this technique is, and use it, you will make money faster than you ever imagined. 
  •  Practically ‘force’ successful individuals to hold you by the hand, take you under their wings and help you succeed.  (you will learn how to approach and convince rich, successful men and women to reveal to you how they made it. And using this technique, it is as easy as A, B, C. They will gladly do it, that you will wonder if you bewitched them.) This is no sweet talk, I have been able to meet and learn from Multimillionaires and even Billionaires physically. From Chris Ani to Ronald Nzimora and my mentor Akin Alabi. 
  •   Pick the brains of mega successful people and take their daily life program and apply it to your own life. (You will discover the specific thing which successful people do that keeps them being successful and using this ‘technique’ rubber-stamp it into your own life so you start behaving like successful people on auto pilot!)
  •   Achieve success in all areas of your life with lightening speed thereby saving time! No you won't have to wait 10 years to succeed (like other books say) or waste your youth and your life slaving and second guessing yourself. With this strategies firmly in your hands, you will succeed in less than ½ the time it would take you to stumble around like a blind man and still not find what you are looking for.
An Image of myself and my Billionaire mentor Akin Alabi.

Imagine, this is not all of it!


These strategies and techniques have been able to turn me into a LIVE BREATHING CASH MACHINE. I can generate Cash on demand. I AM LEGITIMATELY AHEAD OF MY PEERS AND CAN AFFORD THE THINGS I WANT FOR MYSELF at just 21.

"Something Happened the Day I noted down these secrets and techniques...

  And the Real Truth About it Just may Knock You Off Your Seat...

"My eyes had been more than just opened to the truth.  I also found out that at least one of the most popular self help 'gurus' knew this truth all along... he's been sitting on it since this whole "game" began...

 But... guided by fear of losing their market and not being able to sell more of their useless products to you... or maybe it's just plain ignorance.  Either way, they never let these secrets get out and you keep buying course after course making you look like you don't know what you are doing. 

I concluded the main reason that very few people hit the success train was obvious but almost criminal-You've been misinformed all this while.

The good news, however, is that with my help, you can set your thinking right, be in the 'know', totally transform your life within a short period of time and start creating an avalanche of success and achievements all from Whatsapp, something you could never do before!

That's why I am Introducing…

How to engineer a constant and reasonable income from scratch using WHATSAPP: The One And Only But Often Ignored money making strategy That Works Every Single Time Without Fail for making lots of money from WHATSAPP!

You should be asking for what exactly is in this Whatsapp mastermind!

That exactly is what you are about to find out.

Now see……

Inside Whatsapp mastermind; How to engineer a constant and reasonable income from scratch using WHATSAPP , the one and only but often ignored money making strategy that works Every single time without fail for making lots of money from Whatsapp. 


But wait!

As long as you can type with one hand and type with two fingers, you already have what it takes to unleash this masterpiece to deliver non-stop success into your life at your own command.

Are you ready to make lots of money from Whatsapp like I do?

Look… there isn’t any more time for you to sit around bemoaning your fate or blaming anyone.

Use the technique that I reveal inside this mastermind and if it doesn’t work,I will pay you any amount you pay back and apologize to you for wasting your time.

Infact, if you act quick smart and take possesion of this Whatsapp mastermind…… you could improve drastically in a matter of weeks and eventually you’ll….

Move permanently from struggling with your income…. To encounter so much fresh Success and Money….. You will never have to worry about your Ability to create Financial Independence or Achieve any Goal you want any time you are ready to go for it!

Using the secret helped me go from nothing to starting my own business, a huge slice of safe investment tucked away and having in one place more money than I ever had in the past altogether. It has made me successful and very powerful friends. I now consort with people who three years ago, I wouldn’t have ever dreamt knowing.

I still get goose pimples when I think back to how it felt unleashing that stream of abundance into my life. And you will feel it too. - If you discover this ‘technique’ you can get anything you want in life. I’m putting my money on that.


Here's what you'll discover as soon as 'Whatsapp Mastermind' becomes yours.

==> How i started making money without any ideas or skills, this is what i call START LIKE A BEGINNER. Curiously enough, those 'gurus' who should know this don't have a clue what it is.

==>how to grow what you start, position yourself and brand to quadruple income.

 ==> 2 Big strategies to build a list of followers who will make you cash on demand.

 ==>2 secrets to know before you start advertising using Whatsapp TVs . If you don’t take these ‘must-do’ 2 steps first, then knowing or using the secret is useless. Don’t worry, the 2 steps are so easy and I use them always.

 ==> How to design simple ghetto banners for your Whatsapp advertisements.

 ==> How to write the only kind of letter that will make you rich and famous. (I’ll give you a document on how to write a convincing letter that'll blow the socks off the feet of anyone who reads it and get them buy your product without hassles.

 ==> How to master the round about technique to make people beg you to give you money and even put you in control to choose your customers (If you miss this one, forget about succeeding doing business on Whatsapp.)


  • A 10 minutes call to help set up or think out what business you can start or how to improve your business. (WORTH=5,000).
  • A LIST OF OVER 100 WHATSAPP TVs you can start advertising with.(WORTH=10,000).
  • How to track your adverts and know which one is working so you can advertise more. Also, how to know which is not working so you can quickly stop it. (WORTH=5,000)
  • WHATSAPP Secrets webinar series with different modules.
  • An audio recording of all these teachings to make learning convenient, this way you don,t have excuse for not making money. (WORTH=10,000).
  • How to use Whatsapp business features to make the whole business process enjoyable and seamless, this will remove every form of stress from your life. (WORTH=10,000).
  • My book (EDUCATION NOT SCHOOLING) that breaks down how i made my first million as a student and stayed top of my class. (WORTH=#5,000).
  • Discover everything you need to know about what works and what does not. (WORTH=#5,000).

BONUSES  WORTH OVER #50,000 Naira.

I will be giving you this for FREE!

This the result of one of the people I shared my secret with, he is doing well! You know!

I also helped a group of 3 guys start up their own business right from WhatsApp. These guys seem to be richer than me already. 

There are other ones who earn just about #50,000 Naira monthly, just from WhatsApp but I will just bore you with testimonials if we go on and on. 


So, how much should I charge for this packed value?Be honest with yourself!

Do you think it  should be  N100,000?  No I  won't  charge that  much.

 Do you think it  should be  N75,000?  I  think that  will  be too much for  you.

 What  about  N50,000?  That  should be  okay  but  I  think there are hustlers and students  out  there who can't  afford it.

Okay...  What  about  N25,000?  Afterall, that  is  what  some  people  are charging  out there.  And they  don't  even make half  of  the  money  I  make.  N25,000 seems  okay.

But I  will  still  come  down for  you. N20,000?  Nope... 

N15,000?  Nope…

 Seems  I'm  going crazy!!! Okay. Okay.. Okay... N10,000 is  the price. But  hell  NO!

 You will  have  to pay  only 6,000 Naira only if  you place your order NOW!

You might come back and meet it for twice the price, I am only trying to make it affordable for NOW!

And you also get those bonuses worth well over #50,000 Naira.

 Do it immediately, don't let anything or anyone stop you! 

  With  just N6,000 Naira  I  will  show  you how  to become  a millionaire before the end of  the year  starting a business from WhatsApp even if  you're lazy  like me. 

 You will  also  be getting access to mouth watering bonuses that wpould make the process easier for you.

You Are Covered  By Tamilore's No Bull, 100% Money Back  Guarantee!

Get this mastermind and if  you are  not  150% satisfied  with the results you get after implementing …

If  you don’t  believe  you can get  10 times your  investment  back (or  more) before the end of this year.

 If  you don’t  think this  is  the biggest  bargain in money  making... Just  let  me  know  once you get your call session once you place your order and  I  will  refund the money  you paid and offer  my  unreserved apology  for  wasting  your  time. Not  only that, I  will  ask you to keep  the  materials  for  wasting  your  time. 

How’s  that  for  taking all  the risk?

You no longer  have an  excuse  for  not  making  all  the money  you want.

 ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS; Pay #6,000 Naira into my  bank account  at  First Bank Plc, 3101882373, Adewuyi Tamilore A.

OR 2117437463, Adewuyi Tamilore A., Zenith Bank.

Send me your evidence of payment on WhatsApp or text me on 08108903791.



Your friend,

 Adewuyi Tamilore. 

 PS:  Place your  order  and let  me  prove it's  what  you've been  missing. I'm  so  confident that  I'll  give you 100%  of  your  money  back  if  you don't  like it.  What  do you have  to lose?  Nothing!

 PPS:  Remember, it is available for N6,000 Naira for a short period and I mean it, I am not like other marketers who will lie to quickly make sales. Once they  are taken,  that's  it. No more.  Don't  miss  out! 

N.B: The whole teaching is in digital format; videos and audios.

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