You Need More Than One Source Of Income In 2020!

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

Teaching Reveals Secret Business Very Few People Are Doing In Nigeria Guaranteed To Make You Bucket Loads Of Cash Starting With Little Capital…..



  If your answer to the above was a Yes! I will be telling you about a business that only a few Nigerians take advantage of. This business model generates buckets of load of cash for a good numbers of Nigerians like myself and some others who know about it and the beautiful thing is that it requires little capital compared to every other business model. 

It is really not a business model for you if you don’t want to work or you are looking to jump from zero to millions in a month. Just close this page if you fall into any of the categories I the last sentence.

If you are still reading on, I believe you are very open to learn and also you are not lazy. Most importantly, you are on your way to know about how to earn legitimate extra Income online.

 I will love you to shut out every form of disturbance by putting your phone on Silent and also close all your social media platforms. You can grab a cup of tea or something because this will be long and you have to stay through to the end if you mean business.


My name is Adewuyi Tamilore. I am 21 years old and I run a Tie&dye clothing brand named Poshiwears. I am a student of the University of Ibadan and I make quite a lot of money online legitimately. I only stumbled on this business model early 2019.

As a 200 Level student back then, I was focused on my studies and I thoroughly enjoyed surfing the Internet as I was trying to look for ways to improve my Tie&dye business and I also wanted to earn some more money. I eventually stumbled on this business model one of those days when I was researching and I decided to know further. 

I really don’t want to bore you with my personal history and story, when next you go on google, just type in Adewuyi Tamilore and click search or click here to know a little more (

I am asking you to do your own research because if I decide to keep telling you about myself, this write up won’t be able to contain it. I don’t want to do that because this is not about me.

 It is about you!

It is about how you can bullet proof yourself from the harsh economic climate in Nigeria…

It is about how you can make extra money for yourself so you can live a better life…

It is about doing better than what you were able to achieve in the first six months of 2020.

It is about FREEDOM!

 I will be showing a few lucky people a simple money making system very few Nigerians know about guaranteed to pump in money for you non stop like a damaged ATM. I, and a few friends of mine currently make steady cash from this business system and I want to share it with you. This is your special access if you are fortunate to be part of this.

 So what is this business I am talking about? It is called...

 Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketing is all about recommending other people's products or services to those who need them. It is that simple but I will explain better with some examples.

For example, a friend of mine sells phones without owning a shop. All he did was get someone who owns a phone store, he sells for them and he earns a commission on every sale. He currently earns a commission of N5,000 on every sale and he has sold over 200 phones this year alone.

 How much money is that? That is over one million Naira. The amazing thing is that he does it part time because he is a student just like myself.

 Let me give you another example. This one is a bit crazy though.

 I have a friend who is good at explaining things to people.I asked him to start promoting Piggyvest (An online savings platform).He started promoting online and earns #1,000 Naira commission per complete registration. So far,he has over 100 complete registrations.That is about N100,000. (He did this in just about a month).

Can you imagine yourself earning such easy money? This is far higher than what most people earn at their jobs.


Affiliate marketing is a multi-million dollar industry and I want to assist you in grabbing your own share.

I will help you by explaining further.

I created a short guide to thoroughly explain this, I decided not to put it up here because it will make this write up too long.


Don't proceed without reading through, it is very important for thorough understanding.

I have earned millions from this business model this year alone and it has helped me live an improved life which I did not imagine coming.

I showed a lot of evidences in the guide I shared above, you should head on to read it now if you haven't done that.

This online business model also recently helped me win an all expense paid trip to Dubai. 

Imagine that because you have worked really well and hard over a good number of months, you get a trip to Dubai to cool off.


I have some few students that I have guided to make over 6 figures with Affiliate marketing in the last few months and they are doing really fine and growing that is why I decided to teach this.

This is something virtually anyone with even half a brain can do.

I'm not special. I repeated in secondary school and I still had to wait at home for a year before gaining admission.

 I dreamt of studying law but since I wasn't good enough I had to forget the idea. I'm just an ordinary guy like you and I have been able to do well in this business.

 But today, I am becoming a success story. I no longer worry about money and I can take vacations anytime I want to except for the fact that corona is showing all of us.

Earlier in the year I finished exams and I decided to holiday to 4 different states in Nigeria In March, I spent over 200k on that brief vacation. As I write this, I should be on a Lagos-Abuja-Kaduna tour if not for the Corona virus. I also recently decided I will be visiting Rwanda and Kenya later in the year when the pandemic is calm.

Remeber I told you earlier that it is about FREEDOM!

This business gives you all the freedom in the world once you figure it out.


AFFILIATE Marketing has made me lots and lots of money and once you master the strategies, you can apply it to any of the Affiliate platforms across board and then hit up from there and start making income at will.

This business model works really well for Anyone who wants an extra income and that is exactly why you should start doing it now and trust me, it won't get saturated any time soon.

I have recorded a Video teaching to help you get started with this business model i have talked about. 

You will learn how to get started with Affiliate marketing and how to scale up over time to making good money from this business model.

It is a paid teaching. I will guide you through the following;

  • All you need to know about Affiliate marketing.
  • The importance of positioning in promoting as an Affiliate and how to use it.
  • How to use presells to get your ideal prospects to see your Affiliate promotions.
  • How to generate traffic to your Affiliate offers.
  • Follow up as an important part of making the sale.
  • A lot more....

    It costs just $15 to get access and this is a limited time offer.


I don't want you to buy it yet; I have made the Introductory module available for FREE!

Yes! I want you to watch it and get a total overview about this before you put your money into it.



If you have watched the video, you should have gotten a total overview of the whole Affiliate marketing concept.

By now, you should have decided if this is a worthwhile investment in yourself. 

I will guide you through how i have been able to make 7 figures in pure profits this year and also how I have been able to win an all expense paid trip to Dubai.

This is a limited time offer and you will be able to get it at $15(#6,000 Naira) just over the next 7 days.

Afterwards, the price increases.

This Offer is something you dont want to miss if you really mean business about making extra income in 2020.

P.S: This offer is up for only a limited time. If you come back in the next 7 days, you definitely will meet it at a different price and you will miss out on some juicy bonuses I will be giving to those who take action fast.

P.P.S: This is the first time I will be organizing something this crazy and I don't know when next I'll do it again. What I know is that it makes sense to watch the free video right away and make your decision fast.


Adewuyi Tamilore

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